About NetSquared DC

You can make sure you’re the first to hear about upcoming events by joining our Meetup or Facebook Group. We usually meet at 7pm on the third Tuesday of each month at the Affinity Lab, DC’s entrepreneurial launch space.

NetSquared DC is a vibrant local community thriving at the intersection of social change and technology. We’re part of a global NetSquared movement that focuses on the exponential impact we can have when we combine our hunger for change with powerful new technologies.

We’re proud to be one of the largest and longest-running NetSquared groups around, and thank our amazing members who come out in force each month to share what they’ve learned and get to know each other better.

We usually rotate between two event formats:

1. Expert speakers discussing how to use emerging technologies for social change (such as mobile tech, telling your story with video, US Internet policy, using APIs for change, open government web tools, tech and innovation in Africa, GIS and Mapping tools for nonprofits, and using wikis to help Congress with legislation, just to name a few!

2. A crowd-sourced discussion to help a featured nonprofit take their work to the next level. We’ve featured   To nominate a nonprofit to be featured, just fill out this quick form. We’ve featured groups like Eat Well Guide, Student Movement for Real Change, AmericaSpeaks, SocialActions, Workplace Fairness, Global Giving, OneWorld.net, Oil Change International, ThinkProgress.org, Our Voices Together, Code PINK, Project HOPE International, Hip Hop Caucus, Network For Good, Trees for the Future, and Care2.

A full archive of our past events is available on our Meetup page at http://www.meetup.com/net2dc.

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Videoblogging Resources

Thanks again for coming to the videoblogging workshop. By the
looks of it, each of you now has the foundation to start documenting
your own work with online video. Remember that the tools are actually
the easier part of the equation because you’ll automatically get
better with practice. The real challenge is to find creative ways to
record the things you already do with the least amount of effort. You
simply need to begin.

We made a page that lists all the links we discussed yesterday:

We run an active mailing list for videobloggers here:
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/videoblogging/ It’s a great group
of people who can help answer almost any question you have about

We also have a tutorial site here: http://freevlog.org. These videos will help get you up to speed on starting a blog and
posting video on your mac and pc.

As always, contact us if you ever need help..and please send us any
videos you post so we can check them out.


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The Extraordinaries

Meeting Notes:

The Extraordinaries
Jacob Colker – Co-Founder/Project Lead


  • Ben Rigby and Jacob started this project in 2008
  • Recently won $25,000 at WeMedia
  • Few days at launching from submitting to the Apple app store


  • 74% of Americans don’t volunteer
  • Volunteering has a high barrier of entry
  • Most people say they don’t have time to volunteer but there are spots in the day where you can volunteer, but these are small chunks of time
  • When you add up all the time between people it equals billions of hours
  • What we currently do in our free time is mainly advertising based; pod casts, ‘video snacking’, music

  • Allow groups to harness the power of the crowd
  • Allow users to scroll through a list of things to do in small bursts of time
  • Able to complete in a small amount of time

be extraRecord Audio

  • What did Obama’s speech mean to you?
  • Upload that to a server
  • NPR uses on air


  • Upload pictures of failing schools to show how the stimulus package isn’t working

Image recognition

  • Differentiate between craters for NASA


  • Help speak to an Immigrant for 10 minutes to learn English

Brainstorming Session

  • Their Theory of Time; 3 Forms of Time
  • Spare Time: lunch break, set time (under hour)
  • Ad Hoc; miss a meeting, stumble into time (under hour)
  • Leisure; a block of 4 hours or more, Sunday afternoon
  • Most nonprofits require Leisure time of 4 hour blocks
  • As a result volunteering is episodic
    • ? Do people volunteer partly for the social aspect of it
  • ? Do people continue to volunteer b/c they develop relationships with their organizations
  • ? How do you see the impact of what you are doing
  • ? At what frequency should you get a thank you
    • When nonprofits reach a certain goal ‘we collectively win’
    • Zango.com you can see what you’ve accomplished individually, and what the organization does
    • Gigapet or bling model giving people milestone items
    • How do you bring in a personal connection with the people the nonprofit are trying to reach
    • Need to be able to talk with the other people doing the tasks
    • Need to have a quality assurance mechanism and provide a useful service
  • Game Mechanics
    • The game of Twitter is to get more followers
    • The game of YouTube is to get the most followers
    • The game of MySpace is to make the ‘coolest’ page
  • Social components
    • Shows how well teams/groups are doing across your feed
    • Use GPS to find things to do in your community
  • ? What are motivators and rewards needed to volunteer
    • GPS, show people close by that are on the system
    • Collaboratively work on projects
    • Need to filter by desires
    • Need ability to make actions private
  • Work Flow
    • Video intro, Narrative, Bigger Picture, Then begin real work, repeat until bored, Thank you page with points, Opportunity to donate or get further involved
  • Is a Social Business enough?
    • If you’re transparent, it doesn’t matter
  • Funding ideas
    • Premium service
    • Custom apps
    • Taking tasks and breaking them down
    • Donation premium
    • Revenue sharing with users
  • Action Ideas
    • Show potholes
    • Citizen journalism
    • Frog watch, worm watch
    • Policing, recycling
    • Amber alerts
    • Missing children
    • Usage reports for trails
    • Local governing, submit complaints to

How You Can Help:

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Welcome to NetSquared DC

Social changemakers and technological forerunners come together at Net Tuesday events to mix, swap stories and ideas, build new relationships, and reinforce the online NetSquared community.

At NetSquared DC we feature two formats and our calendar switches between the two formats monthly:

  1. Featured nonprofit or technology topic
  2. Pimp-my-nonprofit.

The featured nonprofit or topic format focuses on the technology challenges, opportunities or competencies of a notable nonprofit or takes a deep dive into a technology topic of relevance to nonprofits. Former featured nonprofits include Center for Responsive Politics and Kabissa. Featured topics we’ve covered include Mapping for Nonprofits, and Technology and Innovation in Africa.

The Pimp-My-Nonprofit format gives a nonprofit the chance to present their current technology challenge, then provides the audience the opprotunity to provide free consulting and feedback to the nonprofit. In the past we’ve worked with ThinkProgress, Prevent Human Trafficking and CODEPINK. Each of these nonprofits benefited from crowd-sourcing audience feedback. In many cases, the ideas were implemented quickly, exemplifying the direct, real-world benefit and impact of NetSquared DC meetups.

We meet on the third Tuesday of each month (barring holiday schedule shifts). Attendance ranges from about 30 to 60 people. You can R.S.V.P and join us here.

“Great group, everyone knows what they are talking about, but they also want to learn more. “ —Garth Moore

NetSquared is related to TechSoup and CompuMentor. We recently asked, Britt Bravo, Community Builder for NetSquared to elaborate upon the interrelationships between these diverse brands. Here’s what she told us:

CompuMentor is a nonprofit that has been around since 1987. It has 150 staff members. I think it started out “mentoring” nonprofits about their technology needs.

TechSoup is a part of CompuMentor that started in May 2000 as a web-based information source on all aspects of technology for US nonprofits. It has community forums, downloadable articles, a TechFinder service directory and TechSoup Stock gives nonprofits access to donated and discounted technology products and services. Now it serves nonprofits and NGOs outside of the US as well.

NetSquared was started a couple years ago as a place for information and networking about how nonprofits can use the social web. It has a community blog that any registered user can post on, a podcast, a vlog, an e-newsletter and Net Tuesday Meetups in Atlanta, Guayaquil (Ecuador), Houston, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle and of course, DC. We have a NetSquared Conference each May.

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