April #Fail

Presentation by Garth Moore
So April Fool’s Day has come and gone (hopefully you weren’t rickrolled too many times) but NetSquared DC’s April #Fail Day will be on our usual Third Tuesday schedule, April 19.

What’s April #Fail Day?  Thanks for asking! At NetSquared DC, many of our speakers come to tout their amazing successes for you to follow in your work. This month will be a little different, as we will have several presenters prepared to tell us about their failures: the things that didn’t work or go as planned. This event will be modeled on the FAILFaire concept, pioneered by Katrin Verclas of Mobile Active. For more information about FAILFaire, see www.failfaire.org.

We’ll follow the Ignite-style format of some of our past events, with each presenter getting 5 minutes to address our audience.  Then we’ll allow a couple of questions (60-90 seconds) before moving on to the next presenter. We’ll leave some networking time at the end for you to talk to presenters one-on-one, especially if there are certain details our presenters would rather not share with the whole audience.

Here are tonight’s presenters:

Garth Moore (1Sky’s White Label Community)
Michael Karlan (Professionals in the City’s website launch)
Greg Bloom (Bread for the City e-mail campaign)
Malcolm Barnes (print journalism > transition to digital publishing)
Paula Brantner (Workplace Fairness revenue model)

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