Yeah, Our Website Sucks…What Can We Do About It?

Here’s some video from Hunter Whitney’s talk on website usability. You can download Hunter’s helpful one-page usability guide as a PDF or Word doc.

And, thanks to Noah Kunin of the Sunlight Foundation, our January event will be livestreamed.

No matter the size of your organization or budget, there are some basic ideas and approaches that can help bring order out of the chaos that a website design process can be. This presentation will offer some quick, low-cost ways to map out your website strategy and test it, drawing on established usability and design principles that anyone can adapt to their organization’s needs. There is more you can do to reach out online, advance your mission, increase donations and achieve your goals for the website.

About our speaker:

Hunter Whitney is President of Hunter Whitney & Associates, Inc., which offers information architecture, user experience design and content development consulting services for corporate, government and non-profit organizations. Hunter is also a published magazine and newspaper writer specializing in science, health and medicine. HW&A is passionate about creative problem solving in digital media.

About our sponsors:

GW’s Graduate School of Political Management ( is home of the Institute for Politics Democracy & The Internet and offers weekday evening classes to accommodate working professionals who can simultaneously apply material learned in classroom to their job.

They prepare students to work in politics by imparting the tools, techniques, and real-world experience, whether they are working at the political forefront or behind the scenes. Students are taught by faculty who are practitioners in the political field. GW’s Graduate School of Political Management strives to make politics better by stressing ethical, effective political leadership at the international, national and local levels – in a non-partisan environment.

We’re also sponsored for a few months by Microsoft as they launch Windows 7. To learn about the seven ways Windows 7 can simplify your life, check out their launch site.

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