Videoblogging Resources

Thanks again for coming to the videoblogging workshop. By the
looks of it, each of you now has the foundation to start documenting
your own work with online video. Remember that the tools are actually
the easier part of the equation because you’ll automatically get
better with practice. The real challenge is to find creative ways to
record the things you already do with the least amount of effort. You
simply need to begin.

We made a page that lists all the links we discussed yesterday:

We run an active mailing list for videobloggers here: It’s a great group
of people who can help answer almost any question you have about

We also have a tutorial site here: These videos will help get you up to speed on starting a blog and
posting video on your mac and pc.

As always, contact us if you ever need help..and please send us any
videos you post so we can check them out.


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