The Extraordinaries

Meeting Notes:

The Extraordinaries
Jacob Colker – Co-Founder/Project Lead


  • Ben Rigby and Jacob started this project in 2008
  • Recently won $25,000 at WeMedia
  • Few days at launching from submitting to the Apple app store


  • 74% of Americans don’t volunteer
  • Volunteering has a high barrier of entry
  • Most people say they don’t have time to volunteer but there are spots in the day where you can volunteer, but these are small chunks of time
  • When you add up all the time between people it equals billions of hours
  • What we currently do in our free time is mainly advertising based; pod casts, ‘video snacking’, music

  • Allow groups to harness the power of the crowd
  • Allow users to scroll through a list of things to do in small bursts of time
  • Able to complete in a small amount of time

be extraRecord Audio

  • What did Obama’s speech mean to you?
  • Upload that to a server
  • NPR uses on air


  • Upload pictures of failing schools to show how the stimulus package isn’t working

Image recognition

  • Differentiate between craters for NASA


  • Help speak to an Immigrant for 10 minutes to learn English

Brainstorming Session

  • Their Theory of Time; 3 Forms of Time
  • Spare Time: lunch break, set time (under hour)
  • Ad Hoc; miss a meeting, stumble into time (under hour)
  • Leisure; a block of 4 hours or more, Sunday afternoon
  • Most nonprofits require Leisure time of 4 hour blocks
  • As a result volunteering is episodic
    • ? Do people volunteer partly for the social aspect of it
  • ? Do people continue to volunteer b/c they develop relationships with their organizations
  • ? How do you see the impact of what you are doing
  • ? At what frequency should you get a thank you
    • When nonprofits reach a certain goal ‘we collectively win’
    • you can see what you’ve accomplished individually, and what the organization does
    • Gigapet or bling model giving people milestone items
    • How do you bring in a personal connection with the people the nonprofit are trying to reach
    • Need to be able to talk with the other people doing the tasks
    • Need to have a quality assurance mechanism and provide a useful service
  • Game Mechanics
    • The game of Twitter is to get more followers
    • The game of YouTube is to get the most followers
    • The game of MySpace is to make the ‘coolest’ page
  • Social components
    • Shows how well teams/groups are doing across your feed
    • Use GPS to find things to do in your community
  • ? What are motivators and rewards needed to volunteer
    • GPS, show people close by that are on the system
    • Collaboratively work on projects
    • Need to filter by desires
    • Need ability to make actions private
  • Work Flow
    • Video intro, Narrative, Bigger Picture, Then begin real work, repeat until bored, Thank you page with points, Opportunity to donate or get further involved
  • Is a Social Business enough?
    • If you’re transparent, it doesn’t matter
  • Funding ideas
    • Premium service
    • Custom apps
    • Taking tasks and breaking them down
    • Donation premium
    • Revenue sharing with users
  • Action Ideas
    • Show potholes
    • Citizen journalism
    • Frog watch, worm watch
    • Policing, recycling
    • Amber alerts
    • Missing children
    • Usage reports for trails
    • Local governing, submit complaints to

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